Hi – I’m Toni

I am a Toowoomba Wedding Photographer & owner of Shutterfly Photography. We specialise in Wedding & Family Photography in South East Queensland and beyond.

Thank you so much for considering me to photograph your wedding and it would be amazing to create something magical together.

Wedding photography as such an important investment, something you will treasure forever, whereas other expenditure will be so transient and fade in your memories over time.

I urge you to invest wisely in your photography and choose a photographer you click with. I offer dedication, quality, experience and a new friend to ensure you’ll get the very best and be able to bring those memories back to life even in 10, 20 or 50 years time.

Your wedding day is already stressful enough, so we beleive photography ought to be casual and fun and free of pointless anxiety.

We make it our mission to keep your day, cool calm and collected so that your photos will have that in love smile to treausre years after the wedding bells ring.




Shutterfly photography is a fully registered small business who strives to get the best quality of images for you, of you in the setting of your choosing all whilst using professional equipment.

During our sessions I make sure I get the best of you and your family and most of all have fun doing it. I love interacting with you and your little ones so that you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I know not everyone likes getting their photo taken myself included but I strive to capture you and to show you how beautiful you really are, how beautiful your family is which I’m sure you already know this. I always feel very honoured and privileged to be chosen to capture your precious memories that you can always look back on, hang on your walls and be passed down for generations to come.

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