This special time in your life should be celebrated and remembered. Instead of the swollen feet and morning sickness, you want to remember the times you felt incredibly beautiful and glowed with that special knowledge of your baby growing inside of you.

You’re creating life. There’s no greater moment to celebrate than right now!

I feel so blessed to be able to experience so many milestones with the families who welcome me into their lives. I love to be around all the anticipation and excitement, and try to encapsulate all those feelings on film.

Don’t worry about being camera shy! I am an experienced maternity photographer with a hundred and one ideas for posing your stunning “belly” and I will gladly incorporate any ideas you have in mind. I want you to feel comfortable and at ease with me during our shoot, so don’t feel rushed. In a few weeks (or even days!) these photos will remind you of a very cherished moment in your life. It’s an honor to be the one to showcase it.


Those precious few first weeks, go by in a blur, and your little one will grow so quickly. Bubs first ten days are the best time to have precious newborn memories captured.

Most parents prefer to have pictures taken in Toni’s professional photo studio, or alternatively, in the privacy of their home.

A huge benefit of newborn photography is that the photographer can conveniently come to the parent’s home. They come with the best quality of lightings and latest photographic equipment. Parents and infants don’t have to leave their home.

Newborns sleeps a lot and are on a two to three hour feeding schedule. Toni works around the infant’s schedule. She can capture special moments during feeding if the parents choose to.

Newborn photography as stated earlier requires much creativity. Hiring a professional can capture the best pictures while the baby is sleeping or awake. Babies make some of the most angelic expressions as newborns.

 Once the photography session is complete, it will probably take approximate three weeks to edit all pictures. Parents are able to view proofs before purchasing various packages offered.