A record of your love story in images

Having a shoot together as a couple is a great chance to document your unique story. The best part, you don’t need to necessarily be engaged, or even pre-wedding! You can choose to celebrate your love story at any stage of your journey together, if you’ve been married for 50 years!


What to expect from your couples photography shoot.

Our couples photography sessions are designed to celebrate and get to know your unique story. Shutterfly Photography is very flexible in theme and location choice, to ensure that your individual personalities and your relationship together are portrayed perfectly.



How long does it take?

Couples and engagement sessions usually take approx. 1 – 1.5 hours, and are at a location of your choice.

A lot of couples choose a location that has meaning to them, but we can also suggest a location based on the types of locations you are most drawn to, e.g. beach, bush, gardens, urban etc.


Shutterfly photography is a fully registered small business who strives to get the best quality of images for you, of you in the setting of your choosing all whilst using professional equipment.

During our sessions I make sure I get the best of you and your family and most of all have fun doing it. I love interacting with you and your little ones so that you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I know not everyone likes getting their photo taken myself included but I strive to capture you and to show you how beautiful you really are, how beautiful your family is which I’m sure you already know this. I always feel very honoured and privileged to be chosen to capture your precious memories that you can always look back on, hang on your walls and be passed down for generations to come.

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